“I went to see Jenny after a challenging year in which I had a total hysterectomy and then a mastectomy with reconstruction. I hoped for help in coping with the hot flushes and night sweats that accompany a surgical menopause. Jenny successfully addressed these issues and then went on to help with the healing of my extensive post-op scarring and, just as importantly, boosting my energy levels so I could get back on with my life.

Jenny is an empathetic, kind and thoughtful practitioner who has helped relieve my symptoms and also helped restore my sense of well-being. She just makes you feel so much better.”

Sally, 53

“I have had regular acupuncture for about 9 years and in that time have seen 6 different acupuncturists in various locations – all have been excellent and of a high calibre, however, I can honestly say that I believe Jenny to be the best.

I live with a genetic muscle wasting disease – a type of muscular dystrophy – which makes life very difficult and extremely exhausting. My immune system is compromised and I live with chronic pain and disability. I see Jenny every fortnight, primarily in order to increase my general strength and boost my immune system and I am 100% convinced that it works. Since I started seeing Jenny in May, I haven’t had one cold (which is unheard of for me), my sleep quality has improved, my mood has lifted and the treatments have even been known to boost my libido (who can argue with that??!) On a more serious note, I truly believe that without acupuncture, my health over the years would have deteriorated at a much faster rate. There is nothing “placebo” about it. It works, pure and simple.

Jenny is someone who makes me feel safe and cared for. I trust her and her skills. She is an excellent listener and has a gentle, approachable manner. I feel like she sees me as a “whole person” (body, mind, emotions, spirit) and her treatments reflect this. I am delighted to have found Jenny and highly recommend her. Just go and see her- you won’t regret it!” 
Louise, 42
“I started seeing Jenny at a time when I was suffering the aftershock of a bereavement, and struggling with panic, sleeplessness, low energy, and back pain. Jenny’s treatments helped hugely – and immediately – with all these symptoms, and over time restored to me a sense of energy, physical wellbeing, and inner strength. At the start of each session Jenny would listen with great care and attention to how I was feeling, and her approach always felt carefully and sensitively judged. Jenny was also brilliant explaining what she was doing and why. I felt very lucky to have found such a gentle person administering such a powerful treatment and would highly recommend her.”
Ellen, 31


 “A massage therapist recommended me to Jenny when she recognised that my treatment needed to be more holistic, that stress and depression were at work in what had led me to seek help. Those things are still with me, but I have a special resource in Jenny and I feel ever so fortunate to have found her.

I did not know what to expect as this was my first experience of acupuncture, but I was immediately at ease and this is due to Jenny’s way of being with her clients. She listens attentively as it is key to her doing her work, but one senses it is more than that. You feel her genuine and warm interest in you as a person. Outside of sessions, Jenny has given the thought and time to making suggestions over email of a book, or on another occasion essential oils, that she believe could be of additional help to me and they were. When I leave sessions with her, I feel calm and grounded, more serene. With three children, a home life and work life to manage, there is much to recommend in this and I whole heartedly recommend Jenny to you.” 

Margaret, 48