Having treatment


During you initial consultation Jenny will ask many in depth questions about your current health, your health history and your life more generally.  Acupuncture is a medicine that takes the ‘whole’ person into account, and the broad nature of the questions asked reflects this.  It will also be an oppertunity for you to ask Jenny any questions you may have about acupuncture, and discuss any worries you may have about any aspect of treatment.

After talking, Jenny will ask to have a look at your tongue – an important diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine.  Then she will ask you to lie on the treatment couch whilst she takes your pulses.  Pulse taking in Chinese medicine is different from Western medicine – the pulse is felt on both wrists in different positions and many different qualities other than the rate are observed.  Jenny may then gently palpate different channels or areas your body if they are relevant to her diagnosis.

The first treatment will then take place – Jenny will keep you informed about where she will place the needles, why and for how long.  The first treatment is usually very simple, in order the give your system the best chance to respond, and to provide accurate feedback.  Jenny will then discuss the timing of your next appointment, weekly treatment is usual to begin with.

Some patients feel immediate improvement after their first treatment, for most it takes a bit longer. It is impossible to generalise about how long treatment will take to help, acupuncture is a subtle ad powerful form of healing – it is not a ‘quick fix’.  An advantage of this is that alongside your reason for seeking treatment, many other aspects of your health are likely to improve as your energy rebalances.

After treatment you may feel quite tired so it is best not to schedule anything too demanding for later that day if possible.  It is also advisable not to drink any alcohol for 24 hours after treatment.

If you have any questions about treatment call Jenny on 07780 938 632

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